Hi there! My name is Meg, and I’m delighted that you’re reading my blog!

about me

I am a 20-something young professional living in the outskirts of Chicago. I started pursuing minimalism three years ago, when, after moving all my things cross-country multiple times between my parents’ house in the Midwest and college on the East Coast and finally to my first job in western New York, realized that the stuff I had accumulated over the years was dragging me down mentally and physically. Since then, I’ve sold hundreds of items on eBay, made trips to Goodwill every month, and continue to regularly cull the excess. If I am not working on my career, then I am usually found at the gym, on my bike, practicing aerial arts, playing in the kitchen, nurturing relationships with friends and family, or traveling the world.

about active minimalist

Minimalism has gotten a bad reputation for being boring, passive, and generally unproductive. Images that come to mind are stark, empty rooms and walls and plain, neutral, and dimensionless garb. It has even gotten a reputation for portraying laziness and idealism; that a minimalist does not have anything better to do than wander aimlessly through the world, sit at a coffee table with a picturesque cup of tea, and take pretty Instagram photos on the beach. Perhaps there are minimalists who do love to travel, drink tea, and take photos, but that is by no means a true representation of what minimalism is, even if minimalism by definition is a curated lifestyle.

I do not follow any one notion of minimalism, like owning 100 things, fitting everything I own into a small car, or globetrotting with a 22 liter backpack. To me, trying to “win” at the having-the-fewest-possessions game is a frivolous pursuit. I define minimalism as a lifestyle in which I continuously eliminate or reject everything that does not reflect my values or serve a practical purpose – from physical possessions to bad habits to absorbing low quality information like celebrity gossip –  to make room for activities and behaviors that provide purpose, happiness, and intention. With the changing seasons of life, our interests wax and wane, and relationships come and go. Minimalism is a tool that makes it easier to accept and embrace these changes to help us lead purpose-driven lives.

Active Minimalist is a collection of my writings about how I create and refine my minimalist lifestyle. I am “active” because I strive to do more, and “minimalist” because I intentionally cull the excess. I hope to derail the notion that minimalists do nothing and lead boring lives. If this blog can help you lead the life you want to live, then that is something worth celebrating.