10 Things an Active Minimalist Doesn’t Worry About

This is a list of things I have never had to worry about since I became an Active Minimalist. There was a time in my life, for almost all of these, in which all of them were daily or weekly concerns. Not anymore.

  1. What to wear in the morning. I only have my favorite clothes in my closet and everything matches. There’s no questioning what I wear – the decision takes 5 seconds and depends only on the weather.
  2. Caffeine/coffee. I don’t need caffeine to stay awake. I have another way of staying awake, and that is staying active. My body is always ready for the next challenge.
  3. Cleaning my room. When I get home, I have 5 cleaning tasks: 1) hang up my coat 2) empty my dirty gym clothes into my laundry hamper 3) pack my clothes for the next day 4) make my lunch 5) process the mail. Then I get started on dinner. All that takes 5-10 minutes tops. Why dawdle? The easiest way to dawdle is to think about how tiring the day was. Once you’re trapped in that mindset, you’ll never get anything done. And, when the only thing in my room is my bed…there is hardly any picking up to do.
  4. When to finish that project that’s been unfinished for more than 3 months. Because if I really wanted to finish it, I would be working on it already. At this point, I’ve already moved on.
  5. My hair. No need for curlers, straighteners, glossy finishing sprays, perms, or even a blow dryer. My hair is healthiest in its natural state and brushed with a boar bristle hairbrush to distribute the oils. I only wash it twice a week and I only wear it up on wash day.
  6. Packing. I know what I need, and it’s not a suitcase. Everything I need for traveling can fit in a 20 liter backpack.
  7. How to keep myself busy. When you’re active, you have access to all sorts of activities, such as running, cycling, climbing, hiking, circus arts – you name it!
  8. Black Friday. You can get 100% off everything if you don’t buy anything. If you’re a minimalist, why would you want a crazy bargain for More Household Clutter?
  9. Makeup. At this point in my life, I know which products work on my skin and which ones don’t. There’s no point in branching out to something that may not work (and if you’re wondering, I use Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques’ amazing creme foundation).
  10. Having time for something. When you minimize the trivial stuff, you maximize your efficiency. Even if you don’t always say it out loud or tell other people, you know you’ll have time for everything – everything that’s important, that is.

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